In 1990 the Local Government Tree Resources Association (LGTRA) was formed by Tree Preservation Officers from within Local Government. Since these early days the understanding regarding the value and benefits of trees as part of the urban fabric has grown. The move to managing tree populations as part of an urban forest has resulted in the formal development of Tree Management as a dynamic profession.

The LGTRA is committed to the ideal of all communities receiving the benefits that come from having a sustainable and robust urban forest managed in perpetuity for future generations. That is not to say that every tree stays but rather the urban forest as an entity is managed on an intergenerational basis.

The LGTRA is dedicated to the o­ngoing development of a quality urban forestry industry by promoting best practice throughout all tree management activities. This is achieved by members actively contributing to conferences, the development and review of standards, codes of practice and seeking further educational opportunities for the membership. The association facilitates community awareness of trees by providing educational material for members and their Councils to use and to disseminate.

The LGTRA provides a forum for members to meet and discuss views and ideas and to share experiences o­n Tree Management and arboricultural matters and provides guest speakers and educational presentations. The LGTRA meets quarterly and has representation from Local Government, Tertiary Education and the Tree Maintenance industry.